Invitations and inspirations

As the nights draw in, and the lights begin to glow, the evenings by the fire are increasing as I busily make more felty creations for lovely requests and fabulous fairs!

As you know, the Words and Wool exhibition is in its 2nd week , and we had a fabulous preview, with lots of visitors, lots of bubbly, and lots of sales, we were rather surprised and very happy :-)

I have also had some exciting inviations to join new venues as a tutor, to have work displayed in a gallery, and to sell some handmade goodies through a new website - more details once everything has been made and confirmed ;-)

I have discovered some wonderful places, met some amazing people - and bumped into some very lovely and supportive customers too! The encouragement and sharing of ideas between us all is very important I think. We could hide away in isolation, not daring to promote ourselves, perhaps from nerves, or perhaps fearing others will ridicule or criticise, and that is a difficult set of ideas to climb over! But if we do dare to peek over the hill, if we wave at others passing by, and marvel at their ideas, share their smiles, show others our favourite makers, then we are making connections, making friends, inspiring others and ourselves, and I think that creates a better world for us, for our art, and for those that follow on from us, including our children {by 'our' I means the children of the Earth, for I know we don't all have the same kind of homelife as our neighbours ;) }

I have wobbles, moments of 'am I sure??', and a few niggles of doubt, occasionally a big loud ARGH! Yet a combination of loving friends and family, encouraging supporters and a little streak of stubbornness, keep me going. And that means I make more, explore more, and my daughters benefit from a busy mum helping them form their lives and dreams too.

So this is really a big THANK YOU blog, and I hope you will continue to walk along with me in our adventures - here's to almost too much fun! X