Your very own Mouse in the House - limited edition (With donations to Ty Hafan)

Would your child like to have their very own visitor this Yuletide season - one that will be burrowing direct from the North Pole?
Plus, a donation from each sale will be sent to Ty Hafans Childrens' Hospice.
Your child's Mouse will appear in a different place in your home each morning in December, leading up to Yule & Christmas... 
Every day you read the note your Mouse will leave for you, and then join in with the fun - perhaps making teeny paper chains for the dolls house, or a batch of jam tarts to share with friends. 
The Mouse claims to be house trained, although Jens says to beware of eating any chocolate raisins you may find on the table.....

Why Mouse in the House? They came about because so much of modern day Christmas is about 'me' about 'getting' and not so much about giving - so your own snow mouse is all about -
1) gifts of 'time' - things to 'do' not things to 'have' 
2) gifts to others - making things and gifting them - and not always even knowing who got them or waiting for a thank you - it could be that you leave some homemade cookies on a neighbour's doorstep if your Mouse suggests that one that day, you could 'make a stranger smile'!

With each handmade, needle-felted Mouse (ensuring yours is unique) you will also receive a beautiful handmade card with the story of the Mouse and some suggestions to start you off with activities to do together. 

Each Mouse will be made by me, and the card by Jen from My Papercut Heart. Each will have their own character and a unique leaf or petal 'hat', and the cards can be personalised with your child's name/s.
These are limited editions, so please pre-order yours now to avoid disappointment. No more than 30 will be available for this year.
To order, please message me on the contact form with your details. Once we receive your information, your handcrafted, unique and fun gift, will be dispatched straight to your home.
Each unique gift is £35 including Mouse, Card , P&P and donation to Ty Hafan Childrens' Hospice ♥