I'm not sure how, but Imbolc is already passed, and we are on our way to Ostara/Easter! The time is passing quickly, which keeps us out of mischief I suppose...
This year promises to be a busy one, for which I am very thankful.

The next event is Penarth Handmade Market - I am really pleased to have been accepted for a stand there as it is very busy and April is very strict about who she picks - so no pressure there then!  The event is is a 'Mother's Day Special', so we are all busy making lovely gifts!

I am alternating between making gifts for Penarth, and larger pieces for the Brecon Women's Festival art exhibition (you can read about this in the events section). This year, the theme is 'Refuge'. Since the organisers revealed this theme, I have been thinking about what this means to us all, and to me and my daughters.
From a global perspective, the wars lead to refugees, which many of us are trying - in ways large or small - to try and help, regardless of whether our governments agree. Heartbreaking images and stories tear at our hearts and our instinct is to want to offer shelter and protection. My thoughts then led to another issue close to my heart, which is those who are needing refuge from domestic abuse and violence. With funding being cut, leading to closure of refuges, and with some public services not listening to the wishes of the children, I want to take these frightened souls under my wing. If only I had the resources to help everyone, I said to myself!
My daughters - all I want is for them to be happy, and safe, and to come to no harm! Of course we cannot wrap them in cotton-wool, they need to forge their own paths through life, experience the highs and lows - and our love and protection goes with them, out in the world, watching their footsteps pad around exploring.. they grow up, and away, and circle back, and I will always be their shelter. 
To provide solace, and refuge, shelter and protection... and so the seeds were planted for a new idea, a new piece, that will hopefully represent these thoughts, perhaps prompt some others, and something the viewer can interact with too. 

I am looking forward to completing it, and sharing it with you! And I hope that we can always offer refuge to those who need it.

If you would like to help out, my friend Jen is fundraising for a charity that I used to work for, Llamau - here is the link to her 'art raffle' =