A Day with The Big Skill & SHYPP!

I am very proud to be a member of The Big Skill - I joined a few years ago as a workshop provider, and I continue that now, with the added bonus of helping coordinate events! 

We meet amazing people and organisations throughout Wales and beyond, with the same vision and ethos, and this leads to exciting new projects and activities.

Last year we met Herefordshire New Leaf and h.energy, and we formed an instant attraction and partnership :) This year Big Skill and New Leaf joined forces and they funded us to run workshops in Herefordshire. Last month we were at Tudorville in Ross, an afternoon full of happy children and their adults, making, creating, repairing and sharing skills. This week we were at SHYPP in Leominster, alongside Sarah the Compost Woman and her chickens, plus Sarah Adby Willow weaver and Rebecca Buck, sculptor, both Big Skill members, and myself running felt-making. The participants are supported by SHYPP, and were full of enthusiasm, ideas and fun!

Here is some info about SHYPP, and below, a link to to the Big Skill website. Here too is a link to Rebecca's blog about the day - https://ospreystudios.org/2016/04/11/the-big-skill-at-shypp-supported-housing-for-young-people-project/ 

SHYPP provides 16 – 25 year olds across Herefordshire with housing, training and employment opportunities.
We provide a range of accommodation suitable for young people at different stages of their lives including foyer accommodation, move on flats, shared houses and supported lodgings.
We are not just about accommodation we work with young people through training programmes and a wide range of activities.  SHYPP wants to give Young People the opportunity to develop independent living skills, identify their talents and go on to live happy and successful lives.  SHYPP also provides floating support to assist Young People in their own homes, enabling them to access accommodation, maintain accommodation and help with debt management.
SHYPP is a service driven by what young people want, this means projects develop according to their needs.”