The Workshop Wagon!

I would like to introduce you to my Project - The Workshop Wagon. The idea was born out of the reactions I saw from participants at my workshops, especially those who find it hard to access arts and crafts, whether through ill health, finances, social or learning barriers.

The Workshop Wagon would travel to hard-to-reach people and places, carrying all the wools, tools, and materials required to engage and motivate everyone - the workshops have been described as encouraging, soothing, therapeutic, confidence-building, and fun!

To begin, the workshops would be free/donations based, and as they become established, the funding would increase and they would become self-sustaining - I would also support this by ring-fencing some of the funds I receive from private workshops, ensuring their progression and success.

I would love for more people to help us launch this innovative project by donating to the fundraising - if you follow this link below, you can either donate, and/or share the link with your friends and family. The gift that felt-making gave to me following my cancer treatments and remission, needs to be shared with others too - AND - each donor receives a thank you gift in recognition of your support!

Many thanks for all your support. This project is in honour of all those who battle with hardships in life, and proof that good things can be found in the darkest of times. Let us keep that legacy going forward for others too.