Green Man 2016 - The Walter Experience!

This year's Green Man Festival was, as always, immense fun! I would like to say a very big thank you to my lovely volunteers who helped all the amazing workshop participants who took part in the busy and fabulous workshops! And, THANK YOU to everyone who visited the Felty Emporium to purchase, to chat, to discover, and to make!

This year we did something different, and decided that to make lookalike Walters in needle felting would be fun! Walter is the right-hand dog of Fiona, the festival goddess. Walter helps run things, and is the most-loved Jack Russel of Wales when he is here.

So, each day, a very small and intimate group of intrepid novice feltmakers, sat around my table and created their own Walters. I asked Walter and Fiona to choose a winner from the creations, and then I could send that winner a needle felting kit!

I have to say, everybody did brilliantly! So a huge congratulations to you all... and I am thrilled to day that this moring, Fiona and Walter thought long and hard, and chose TWO winners! Rebecca, aged 40, and Grace, aged 11! WHOOHOOOO! Please can you lovely folk email me your postal addresses, so that I can send out your kits to you? 

Please visit my Facebook page, FfolkyFfelt, to see the highlights of the wonderful four days we all spent together in the Fantastic Festival! And feel free to leave comments here too :-)

HUGE love and cwtchs to all.................              xxx