Spectacular September!

Hello folks! I hope you are enjoying the autumnal days? As the days' grip on the light lessens, it is a perfect time to cosy up with chunky woollies and book some creative workshops too! On my calendar page you will find lots of workshops just right for you ...

So - September was a busy month too, and I had some really exciting events to go to, a lot of 'firsts' for me too.
I had an invite to run demonstrations at the Farmyard area of the bustling Abergavenny Food Festival, and to give a brief talk on any topic I chose.. guess what? I chose wool! 
My fab friend Jenny came along to help carry and demonstrate too, and then the lovely lady responsible for herding cats - I mean, for organising all the stallholders - quizzed me gently, and we talked about "10 Wonderful Reasons to Love Wool"!
It was a lovely morning and we had access to the rest of the festival afterwards so we just HAD to go and hunt down some blue cheeses and fresh bread to take home!

The next two weeks were spent making, making, making, as I was preparing for the London Wool Fair and Sheep Drive! I was excited and nervous for all kinds of reasons. Nervous as I have not been into London for 16 years and certainly not driven into it! Nervous, as I had never taken my work to London before and had no idea how it would be received. I was excited to see friends who I had not seen for 9 years (all of us have been going through serious illnesses which has been very inconvenient! ;-) ) and staying with them for two nights! So I landed at theirs, we talked and talked and hugged and hugged, then they took me out into London to their Folk Club night that they run (Lost Horizons) and then I sneaked out of their house at 5.30am to get into London and set up! 
Well, I had an absolute blast! And sold out of angels, brooches, etc, plus had some commissions and a few workshop bookings for some folk wishing to come to Wales. PLUS I met up with some London friends, including one that I only knew online through other friends!
I had some very complimentary comments about my work, and then Mary Berry, who had opened the event, came into my marquee and we were filmed chatting! MARY BERRY! Well that was such fun, and in the film that was shot -  I have posted the link here - they have included lots of footage of me and my work, which was a very big and very pleasant surprise ....
I also met up with some fellow woolly folk who I know from a forum online, and we traded a little too... the range of stands was tremendous - from tweed jackets to hand-dyed yarns, from needle felted hares (wonder whose they were?) to woollen wedding gowns.... 
The organisers and the volunteers were all amazing, very friendly, very helpful, and the day flew by. 
So thank you to everyone who helped me get there and back, whether in person or in spirit, and HUGE thanks to my visitors and customers and friends for the support, lovely comments and for making my trip very worthwhile.