Kits for Creativity & Courses!

Well here we are in 2018! I am really looking forward to sharing more blogs, workshops, information and fun with you this year.

I am in the middle of putting together more kits, as they have been very popular - thank you to all of you who have bought kits at workshops or from my Etsy shop, or at a stand. 
One point to remember, is that to save paper, I don't print our the instructions - I always tell my customers that they can request them by email, or look them up on my needle felting blog or 'how to make 3D creatures' on the workshops tab, both here on my website :) You can print them off too.

I would love to know if there are any particular kits you would like to see, or if you like my current selection? You can find them if you have a virtual wander around my Etsy shop (link on home page, or here:, and I am very happy to hear your thoughts! Perhaps you could think about whether you would treat yourself, or a friend - who would you gift one to if you bought one... what would like to make? 

I always include a wooden handle with the felting needle in the kit, as it helps you hold the needle for longer. Mine are extra long so that you can turn the needle around and slot it inside the handle - this helps it last longer, and you don't risk being poked by it when not in use! 

The wool I use is predominantly from Wales, hand dyed. I prefer to use suppliers who are all small businesses/smallholders/sheep farmers - I really like to know where my wool comes from where possible! Plus, we are all supporting each other in our little businesses!

Last year, the most popular kits were for hares, followed by robins, then squirrels, foxes, landscapes and Cwtchs. Many were bought at stands and festivals, some after workshops, some online - what I love about the kits is to hear how excited everyone is when they receive them, and sometimes I am treated with photos of the new creations! 

I am looking forward to seeing your new makes this year, and don't forget, if you have any special requests, do let me know!