Wonderful WonderWool!

I have to say - we had an absolute blast! The stand was busy , we had lovely visitors, customers, supporters - lots of lovely chats, heard amazing stories, and even bumped into very old friends and renewed friendships... who could ask for more?

It was wonderful to be able to share our skills, and have people leaving feeling more excited and confident about trying out their kits , or booking onto workshops! Carole's roving and yarn flew off the shelves, and both my creations and my kits/tools disappeared quickly too. 

We even managed to sneak off, in turns, for 5 minutes, and catch up with other makers, do some stealth shopping for woolly treats, and visit the astounding life-size knitted sea-cave! I also met Lydia from blackdoggingercat in person, at last! Take a peek at www.lydianeedle.com for some lovely ideas too!

You can see the photos on my Facebook page too ..

I just want to say a massive thank you to the organisers and crews, the stallholders, the friends who arrived with coffee and cake, to my daughter for her tremendous help and patience, for Carole for sharing the stand and the fun and to all the friendly and fabulous visitors... I cannot wait for next year, and am already planning the stall layout and goodies for everyone!


The Workshop Wagon!

I would like to introduce you to my Project - The Workshop Wagon. The idea was born out of the reactions I saw from participants at my workshops, especially those who find it hard to access arts and crafts, whether through ill health, finances, social or learning barriers.

The Workshop Wagon would travel to hard-to-reach people and places, carrying all the wools, tools, and materials required to engage and motivate everyone - the workshops have been described as encouraging, soothing, therapeutic, confidence-building, and fun!

To begin, the workshops would be free/donations based, and as they become established, the funding would increase and they would become self-sustaining - I would also support this by ring-fencing some of the funds I receive from private workshops, ensuring their progression and success.

I would love for more people to help us launch this innovative project by donating to the fundraising - if you follow this link below, you can either donate, and/or share the link with your friends and family. The gift that felt-making gave to me following my cancer treatments and remission, needs to be shared with others too - AND - each donor receives a thank you gift in recognition of your support!

Many thanks for all your support. This project is in honour of all those who battle with hardships in life, and proof that good things can be found in the darkest of times. Let us keep that legacy going forward for others too.



Refuge, the plan, designs, ideas, and completion!

The launch of the Women's festival and the exhibition was amazing! The late nights, weird combination of wool and wire, were all worth it! I have included the photos of the finished piece (I also exhibited my 'Carw' (stag) and my clay sculpture 'Mother') so you can see how it all looks! Any comments welcome, as usual... 

I am SO pleased with how she emerged from a mass of thoughts and ideas and hopes, and on the launch she received so many positive and excited comments too! Thank you everyone xxx

Invitations and inspirations

As the nights draw in, and the lights begin to glow, the evenings by the fire are increasing as I busily make more felty creations for lovely requests and fabulous fairs!

As you know, the Words and Wool exhibition is in its 2nd week , and we had a fabulous preview, with lots of visitors, lots of bubbly, and lots of sales, we were rather surprised and very happy :-)

I have also had some exciting inviations to join new venues as a tutor, to have work displayed in a gallery, and to sell some handmade goodies through a new website - more details once everything has been made and confirmed ;-)

I have discovered some wonderful places, met some amazing people - and bumped into some very lovely and supportive customers too! The encouragement and sharing of ideas between us all is very important I think. We could hide away in isolation, not daring to promote ourselves, perhaps from nerves, or perhaps fearing others will ridicule or criticise, and that is a difficult set of ideas to climb over! But if we do dare to peek over the hill, if we wave at others passing by, and marvel at their ideas, share their smiles, show others our favourite makers, then we are making connections, making friends, inspiring others and ourselves, and I think that creates a better world for us, for our art, and for those that follow on from us, including our children {by 'our' I means the children of the Earth, for I know we don't all have the same kind of homelife as our neighbours ;) }

I have wobbles, moments of 'am I sure??', and a few niggles of doubt, occasionally a big loud ARGH! Yet a combination of loving friends and family, encouraging supporters and a little streak of stubbornness, keep me going. And that means I make more, explore more, and my daughters benefit from a busy mum helping them form their lives and dreams too.

So this is really a big THANK YOU blog, and I hope you will continue to walk along with me in our adventures - here's to almost too much fun! X

Baaaaahmy - off to Llandovery Sheep Festival!

Oh my days! I have been offered a stand at the wonderfully bonkers Llandovery Sheep Festival! I am now furiously making making making, ready for the 26 & 27th September :-)
I am rather excited and slightly nervous and ignoring how little time is left.... *whistles loudly*

At the festival I will have my work for sale, and be selling kits, plus demonstrating some felt-making methods. I cannot wait to see some of my old friends such as the lovely Helen from 'Nellie and Eve', and meet some new ones too.