What can you expect?

We have great fun during the workshops and courses!

You will learn about the history of making felt by hand using traditional methods, meet new people, swap stories and skills, and make your own unique creations; the aim is to take home a completed project at the end of your class, and have fun along the way! 

I run both needle and wet felting workshops; choose from half or full day courses, or taster workshops.

These are run in various venues across Wales and the borders, or I can bring the magic of felt making to your home; simply arrange for a group of 5 or more friends to meet at your home, and I will bring all the wool and resources required for your chosen workshop.
Felt making kits are usually available to purchase at each workshop. Or you can purchase one from my shop (link on main page) - they are also lovely gifts for friends.

Ideas for types of workshops (all are suitable for novice to intermediate):

  • Make a 3D creature - half day or full day. These workshops take you through the methods required and each participant will receive some 1-2-1 support throughout the class. By the end, you will be amazed at how you have turned soft fleece into a solid, sculpted animal!
  • Make a faerie, or a brooch, a bookmark or mini-landscape- two hour workshop. These workshops are ideal for those who like a shorter workshop, and are still long enough for everyone to get very creative! They are a lot of fun and often inspire people to go on to learn more!
  • Make a wet-felted bag, a hat or pair of slippers - half or full day. Wet-felting is more physical than needle felting, and more messy, which people enjoy immensely! You can create much larger pieces of work with this technique, and then combine it with needle felting once it is dry, should you wish. We use quite a lot of wool and muscle power, and this ensures your 'vessel' will be strong and durable.
  • Make a landscape - needle or wet-felted - half /full day. When creating a woolly scene, you can choose wet or dry felting, or both. Often I lay out my ideas and gently needle felt certain areas of the work into place before wet felting, or you can be more abstract and let the scene evolve as you felt it with the wet felting method.   

    If you wish to book me for a workshop for your colleagues, clients or other large group, I charge an hourly rate plus a cost per head, depending on what the group wish to make. I can run sessions at schools, sheltered housing, community centres, etc.

    You can also book me for a 1-2-1 workshop, half or full day. Contact me for details.

Please check the calendar to find dates for events, workshops and exhibitions; if you wish to suggest any private workshop dates, please contact me.  To book a place, please email me emma@ffolkyffelt.com or follow the booking links where provided. Thank you for your interest and support!